Justin stretched and yawned after the boring French film and half an Eddie Izzard special. "Okay, Sarah. You gotta head home soon, and I've got a comic to draw and post."
Sarah's eyes lit up. "Oh! OH! Can I draw it? Pleeease?"
Justin thought carefully. Sarah had artistic talent, yes, and she had been part of the inspiration of the idea for the site, but she had been known to be a bit... over-creative. Things had gotten out of hand in the past, and memories of the calls from Jeff Goldblum's lawyers loomed fresh in his mind. "Well... I don't know."
"Come on, Justin!" Sarah pleaded. "I promise it'll be the best thing ever! I just need some crayons, and you won't have to worry about a thing! No one will get stabbed this time! I promise!"
"This might not be a great idea."
"Your ass isn't a great idea."
"Now that was just uncalled for."
"Your ass wa--"
"Okay, okay," Justin said, getting his bucket of crayons from a shelf and handing it over. "Have at it."

- Justin

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