This has bothered me about Christmas movies since I was a kid. The only theory I can come up with to make this work though is that Santa uses his magic to implant fake memories in to the heads of the parents buying the presents. But that seems to be over-doing it a bit, even for a guy that flies around the world in one night. Also, it's a shame I didn't draw Santa higher so I could draw his hands, because the guy wears mittens, and I can draw mittens. I also left this one purposely uninked, because I wanted to see how it looked.

Also, Santa's beard defies gravity. Shut up. It's science magic.

Anyway, the comic is up super early because I have a test to study for.

I leave you with my own personally made lolcat. I got the frame and picture at a thrift store, and just added the letters. Enjoy!


- Justin

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